Custom Playground Equipment

Landscape Structures are the leader and innovator of quality playground equipment. They are pioneers of inclusive play, continuous play and safety standards. They are the only line of playground equipment ExerPlay represents.

Durable Landscape Structures

Whether you are looking for custom playground equipment for children with disabilities or outdoor fitness equipment, the possibilities are endless with Landscape Structures. For a complete list of Landscape Structure products, please see the catalog below.

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Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments

Hear the soothing tone of chimes, metallophones and drums played by polished musicians and newbies alike. Rhapsody allows you to experience the power of rhythm and how sounds can be creatively combined.

  • Modern design compliments playgrounds, in parks, on trails or in sculpture gardens
  • Authentically designed for playing music or just striking notes and beats
  • Precision manufacturing for
    consistency in tone
  • Durable materials for years of music-making
  • Mallets optimized to produce the best sound for each range of notes
  • Wheelchair accessible
FitCore Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Stay active and fit all while having fun with FitCore! Outdoor workout tools and instruments include:

  • Assisted row/push-up
  • Cardio stepper
  • Ellipitcal
  • Chest/back press
  • Squat press
  • Balance steps
  • Balance beam
  • Ab crunch/leg lift
  • Pull-up/dip
  • Tai chi wheels
Nature-Inspired Play

Play amongst the canyon rocks and logs with playground equipment designed to look like the real thing! From rock climbing structures to mushroom stepping stools, kids will love the idea of venturing off into the wilderness. Not to mention, some components are made with recycled wood-grain material.

Bridges, Tunnels, and Enclosures

The playground is not complete without the curved bridges, crawling tunnels, and interactive enclosures. Children will have fun jumping on the belt bridge while also playing with the tic-tac-toe panel. It’s the connecting pieces that complete the fun!