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What's New: I Can Fly! Landscape Structures ZipKrooz


Kids of all abilities are envisioning flying along on ZipKrooz™.  Zip Lines have become the fastest growing recreational sport in the world and now Landscape Structures brings the adventure to the playground in an exciting, safe way. ZipKrooz™ is unique because it offers a continuous play experience, unlike other playground zip lines. With ZipKrooz™, kids can soar back and forth from one end to the other and enjoy nonstop zooming action, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to the start. 

ZipKrooz™ Assisted

The ZipKrooz™ Assisted is the only playground zip line that offers the thrilling feel of flying action to all kids. The rotationally molded bucket seat with a lock-in-place harness provides stability and security for kids with limited upper – or lower-body strength. Pair it with ZipKrooz additional bays to ensure a truly inclusive play experience where kids of all abilities can play side by side.

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