Areas We Serve

At ExerPlay, we tap into the imagination and creativity that encouraged us as children and use it to plan, design, and develop playgrounds; a place where children are free to play, exercise, and be themselves. Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, often inspiring dreams, teaching lessons, and creating life-long memories with friends and family. We believe playgrounds should not only be a fun, welcoming environment, but also stable, secure, and most importantly, safe! Our team of certified specialists combine their time and talents to build playgrounds that are unique to their sites, regulations, and children; creating safe playgrounds in various states that encourage kids of all ages and abilities to dream, believe, and achieve!

Proudly Providing Fun to the Following Areas:

New Mexico

From painted skies to massive mountain ranges, this state is truly an enchantment.
We build sites to encourage play that’s as thrilling as rafting down the Rio Grande or flying high in a hot air balloon!


We take the Texas mantra “go big or go home” to heart and build sites that inspire big play and big fun.
The great state of Texas experiences great fun with ExerPlay!


A state whose staple landmark, the Grand Canyon, says it all.
We’re inspired to make playground experiences nothing short of exhilarating!


Though widely known for bustling cities, we’re inspired by its natural playground.
From the Singing Sandbox to paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe, we develop playgrounds that inspire adventure similar to these rural gems!


With picturesque views and beautiful landmarks at every turn,
we develop playgrounds encouraged by the thrill experienced by seeing glaciers, forests, and snow-capped mountains.


Blue oceans, sandy beaches, and towering palm trees – we build playgrounds that are truly a child's paradise in the Aloha state!

Comprehensive Services and Equipment

From start to finish and the follow-up afterward, ExerPlay is dedicated to providing you with expert services that ensure your playground and site are held to the highest safety standards offering services in:

  • Site Visits
  • Playground and Site Design
  • Installation
  • Retrofitting
  • Inspections

We acknowledge that every child plays, creates, and learns differently. Our equipment sparks fun in every child and creates a colorful, stimulating environment for them to have fun in. The following is the equipment we offer:

  • Playground Equipment
  • Shade for All Areas
  • Musical Instruments
  • Bike Racks
  • Site Furnishings
  • Aquatix
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Safety Surfacing

If you’re ready to give your community a beautiful place to play, then contact ExerPlay today to get started!