Arizona Playground Equipment

When thinking back to a well-lived childhood, most remember the nostalgic times spent at a playground. Whether on Arizona playground equipment at a school or a neighborhood park, the days you spent flipping on the monkey bars, playing basketball, or seeing who could swing the highest, allowed the opportunity to make new friends, create memories, and let your imagination soar. Playgrounds provide children with a space to explore, create, and pretend. Lessons learned on the playground help them understand morals and values, build character, and aid in discovering and developing who they are.

ExerPlay is your full-service playground company providing Arizona playground equipment, services, and inspections for 28 years. We recognize playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, allowing kids to have fun and be active. We value inclusive fun and it's our goal to plan, design, and install play sites where children of all abilities are free to live out their adventures in a safe and stable environment. Whether you need to restore an old site, develop a new one, have existing equipment inspected or require maintenance, rely on ExerPlay – the premier choice for Arizona playground equipment, design, installation, and more!

Expert Technicians at Your Service

We understand that developing a playground is a big task that can be overwhelming. Whether old or new, big or small, park or school, below are the following services we provide to ensure your Arizona playground equipment is of the utmost quality and safety:

Site Visits: Our staff are CPSI certified and take notes, photos, and ask you questions so we’re able to fully grasp what your needs are for an existing site or develop your vision for a new site.

Design: Taking into account your ideas, our CPSI designer provides fast turnarounds so that we can quickly perfect then develop a site that’s unique to your area, requirements, and individuals.

Installation: To ensure everything is built as planned, we can provide installation services or supervise a Community Build, making sure you have the equipment, resources, and tools you need.

Retrofitting: When a playground or its equipment becomes outdated or weathered, we can change out or add components to update a site or assess older equipment to ensure it meets applicable safety standards.

Inspections: Our inspectors are all CPSI certified and provide thorough accurate assessments of existing or new sites following installation to ensure they’re safe and stable.

More Than Just a Playground

Beyond a jungle gym, we provide equipment and products for every type of playground player – or those who aren’t! We offer the following categories of Arizona playground equipment:

  • Site Furnishings
  • Shade
  • Aquatix
  • Musical Instruments
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Playground Equipment
  • Bike Racks
  • Safety Surfacing

When you design a playground with ExerPlay, we encourage you to use your imagination, similar to how you would as a kid. In doing so, together, we can develop a space that inspires children to be adventurous and creative on safe, high-quality Arizona playground equipment!