New! Play Healthy™Hand Sanitizer Station

The Play Healthy™ Hand Sanitizer Station provides an appealing way for all park and playground visitors to access hand sanitizer before and after play!

The large capacity container holds up to one gallon of sanitizer for fewer refills, and the solid construction will hold up to repeated use. The pumping mechanism is easy to use, and the drip tray will keep sanitizer off the ground.

We use a 2-3/8″ diameter steel post, and durable aluminum and steel enclosure. Choose direct bury or surface mount, and a ProShield®post color and enclosure color. Graphics on the front Digifuse® panel provide pictorial instructions. You may also add a custom logo or artwork as an option. This product is ADA compliant.

The enclosure includes an adjustable platform to accommodate the different shapes of gallon containers. The sanitizer and pump dispenser is not included but is readily available online.

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