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If you are in the planning stages or have an older site that needs some care, let us offer you our expertise.

ExerPlay is a full-service, privately-owned (non-conglomerate!) company that has provided family, school, and neighborhood outdoor recreation for nearly 30 years. We love all projects, small to large!

We know how daunting construction projects like a new playground can be, so we provide many complementary and useful services to ensure your site’s potential is fully realized.


Site Visits

We help you assess your site and determine your long-term needs. Large or small, we will make recommendations to help you make the most of your space.


We can help you plan an outdoor space, even on a small budget. We can also help you implement a larger plan by phasing your build over a few years.


We will design and modify your site plan until we have met all of your needs. Our in-house designers are CPSI (Certified Playground Safety Inspector) certified, which is the nation’s leading playground inspection certification. You can be included in the process by collaborating in a real-time, online design meeting.


We can assess the safety of any current equipment or surfacing, even if it’s not ours, and help you determine the quickest and most cost-effective way of getting back into compliance. With our CPSI certified sales team, we can help you keep your kids safer.

Accessibility Consultations

Utilizing our wide range of all-inclusive playground equipment, site furnishings, and other amenities, we can tailor-fit the needs of your community to make your playground an all-abilities hub—beyond ADA wheelchair access. We can also help with shade, accessible surfacing, and education about the exciting world of inclusivity.

Turnkey Planning

We can help you coordinate the installation method that’s best for you, from a community build that brings together your neighbors, with experts to help guide the process, to a full-scale installation by one of our many manufacturer-certified installation crews.


Our customers include municipalities, Landscape Architects, schools, HOA’s, contractors, and developers. All of these people had to make several decisions before issuing a purchase order for our products and services. Many of these transactions, large or small, involved complimentary planning, site visits, custom design, and education. Our playgrounds, site amenities, and shade are made to last long enough to invite us back for safety inspections, additional phases, and retrofitting. We will help fully realize the long-term benefits of your investment.

We answer to our customers first. We offer only first-rate equipment, planning, and service. Every ExerPlay employee is dedicated to making you our life-long partner in outdoor recreation.

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