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A childhood of playing at the local park and the school playground is memorable and vital – as a kid, the swing set, jungle gym, and monkey bars inspired play, developed social skills, and ignited imagination that created whole new worlds. Perhaps that exploration drove you toward a career you love, or built life-long friendships, and instilled a moral base of values upon which you live your life. If nothing else, childhood play is wonderfully nostalgic.

ExerPlay, Inc., is the Hawai’i playground hub; as a start-to-finish playground company, we understand how important the inclusiveness of fun is to a child. We tap into that spirit of fun and imagination every time we start a new project. We love what we do, not just because we have a passion for design and planning, but mostly because we love the opportunity to design amazing play space for all children to have fun, grow, and make memories.

ExerPlay Products and Services

Our In-House Design Department can provide:

  • A full catalog of playground equipment that specializes in fun, imaginative, and inclusive parks; we also can design custom equipment specified to your needs.
  • Certified playground designers that can help plan your playground, from equipment and shade, to small independent play events and site furnishings.

As a company, we:

  • Help with planning and scheduling installation, and even provide turn-key or supervision of a community build.
  • Assess an existing or new site for playground planning.
  • Inspect older equipment, both to ensure it meets safety standards, but also to guarantee it is still innovative and fun.
  • Retrofit older equipment for maximum play value and to bring an older structure up to current safety standards.
  • Add new equipment to an existing playground, such as swings or independent play structures.

Beyond Playground Equipment

We also carry a variety of equipment and products to enhance a playground for all age groups, including:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Aquatic play products
  • Athletic equipment
  • Shade options for any space
  • Safety Surfacing
  • Outdoor musical instruments
  • Bike racks.

At ExerPlay, we believe in the power of play, and we use our years of experience to design playgrounds that are fun, beautiful, inclusive, and safe. Whether you have an old playground in need of some newer components, or have a grand vision of a new playground, ExerPlay is your Hawai’i playground company.

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