New LSI Products are Here!

These images link to their LSI Information pages, so enjoy exploring this and many other exciting new products for 2021! Hedra®Swing Frame puts a geometrical twist on swings for the Hedra line, and compliments any … Read More

Playground Inspiration

Projects are always inspired by big ideas and then culled into the reality of budgets and space. If it’s capturing the tower, adding art in the surfacing design, or a singular hill slide, use this … Read More

New! Play Healthy™Hand Sanitizer Station

The Play Healthy™ Hand Sanitizer Station provides an appealing way for all park and playground visitors to access hand sanitizer before and after play! The large capacity container holds up to one gallon of sanitizer … Read More

Great Designs, Greatly Affordable

The new TreeTops structure and many more exciting designs, priced at under 40K are available from Landscape Structures. These designs are varied and innovative, and all meet ADA requirements to be inclusive for children and … Read More

The Hedra™ Line – The New Shape of Play

Hedra’s unique geometric configuration and continuos circuits create a hive of evolving activity that encourages exploration and longer play. Hedra™, Hedra™Scout, and Hedra Towers are exciting new concepts for playgrounds!   Contact Us Learn More